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DTMB Intake Test Suite

Chinese government officially launched DTMB standard in 2006. DTMB was commonly known by two different modes, multi-carriers and single-carrier. The former is similar to DVB-T standard, while latter one roots from ATSC standard.

Since 2007, many cities have started DTMB live broadcasting and dispatched free STBs to consumers. For example, CCTV is broadcasting MPEG-2 HD trial signal in Beijing metro area.

DTMB is also chosen by Hong Kong authority as digital terrestrial broadcasting standards, incorporated into Hong Kong OFTA 1108 standard.

Unlike counterparts in European countries, big cities in China selected cable network broadcast content delivery in city/urban area, while terrestrial broadcasting targeting mainly for rural and remote area, and emergency broadcasting.

Since our head-end system have been involved in many trials, we understand the broadcaster requirements and service allocation strategy.

StreamSpark DTMB intake test suite covered:

  • Installation methods

- Key different user case for DTMB installation (handle exceptional case of NIT,SDT implementation)
- Best Mux algorithm for terrestrial reception
- Neighbor city/province service installation
- Residential Building Up-Converted all RF to different frequency

  • LCN based sorting (incl. LCN conflict handling)

  • Video and audio decoding performance (MPEG2, H.264, AVS, varies typical audio codec implementation, AVS standard stream will be available once broadcaster firmly adopted)

  • Video and audio selection (incl. multiple audio selection)

  • Quasi-static service information update (SDT, NIT)

  • Dynamic service information update (SDT, NIT)

  • Dynamic SD to HD conversion

  • EPG handling (8 days EPG and special implementation)

- Parental rating and special notices
- Content descriptor
- Text (different coding)

  • Subtitle, incl. HD subtitles in Hong Kong

  • MHEG-5 basic check (for Hong Kong, MHEG-5 Hong Kong profile)

  • TOT/TDT presentation (inclusive none time offset case)

  • Installed services with special network ID.

  • Chinese Char presentation, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

  • Hong Kong SFN RF fading model

China Mainland Stream List:

Hong Kong S.A.R. Stream List:

Test Stream Pictures and Analysis

Hong Kong Streams:

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