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ISDB-Tb Intake Test Suite

As one of the BRIC countries, Brazil has huge potential in DTV market.Brazil historically built up strong connection with Japan. Whenn fomulating terrestrial broadcasting standard, Brazil opted to Japanese standard and defined ISDB-Tb (b stands for Brazil) standard.

We expect broadcasting industry and receiver market will grow up rapidly in next 5 years, thanks for 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

Brazilian Broadcasters:

StreamSpark ISDB-Tb intake test suite covered:

  • Installation methods

- ISDB-Tb and Analog TV installation
- Neighbor country (Argentina) service installation

  • ISDB-Tb signaling handling

  • Quasi-static service information update (SDT, NIT)

  • Dynamic service information update (SDT, NIT)

  • Virtual channel numbering mechanism

  • Video and audio decoding performance (H.264, varies typical audio codec implementation, 59.94Hz based)

  • Video and audio selection (different languages)

  • EPG handling (up to 8 days EPG)

- Parental rating and special notices
- Content descriptor
- Text (different coding)

  • TOT/TDT presentation

  • Digital Closed Caption test package

  • Ginga functional test package

  • 3D TV functional test package

Test Cases (excerpt)

Brazil Stream Captures:

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