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DVB-C Modulator

PDM 4210 QAM Modulator
PDM4210 is a new generation QAM modulator with built-in multiplexer. It supports various QAM standards and multi-channel ASI, DS3, satellite stream input.

This product adopts unique and abundant function, flexible configuration and excellent performance. It is widely applicable to stream transmission of digital cable TV and MMDS system.

Main features

  • Fully conform to DVB standard,compatible with GB/T170-2001、GY/T106-1999、ETS/EN 300 429、ITU-T J.83(Annex A and B) standard

  • 4 channel TS input (include 2 channel ASI、1 channel DS3/E3、1 channel satellite stream)、support MPTS/SPTS、188、204, automatically adjust the length

  • Build-in multiplexer,it can multiplex 4 channel inputted TS, filter program, shift PID, change program information, insert EGP etc

  • Re-generate various SI/PSI table such as  PAT、PMT、SDT、TDT etc

  • Re-generate PCR, PCR jitter≤40ns

  • Support 4、16、32、64、128、256 QAM constellation

  • RF output center frequency :48~860MHz,Frequency step size:100KHz

  • RF output electric level: 100~110dBuV, Adjustment step:1dB

  • Support operation via web browser and front panel

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