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HbbTV Intake Test Suite

Background of HbbTV
HbbTV marks the new era of interactive TV. TV manufacturers adopted different approaches towards so-called hybrid TV, or combined broadcast and internet TV. Several business models have been introduced, for example, Philips NetTV, Samsung SmartTV, etc. In order to maintain kind of uniqueness and quality of service, TV manufacturers initially created own TV portals for hosting internet TV service. However, this practice brought many problems due to implementation deversity and platform incompatibility.

In 2009, CE manufacturers and broadcasters consolidated the available standards and finally decided a kind of unified standard stacks for hybrid broadcast broadband TV, or HbbTV.

Currently, HbbTV services have been launched in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, soon to be on-air in UK and Nordic region.

As brand manufacturers and system integrator, how to conduct HbbTV test?

  • Application Manager related tests

  • DSMCC Stream Event related tests

  • DSMCC Application Transport related tests

  • Codec and HbbTV Signalling, e.g, Autostart, Present


  • Test Browser (free/proven tools can test browser capability)

  • Complete Javascript, XML, CE-HTML, DOM, etc.

With respect to HbbTV testing, think
TWICE when you are going to purchase "test harness"
There are several companies selling test tools or test harness for HbbTV automation test. It’s a costly solution since TV manufacturers are facing fierce competition and price war. We don’t recommend customers to choose such kind of automation tools unless really necessary.

HbbTV is industry recommend standard, no compulsory, and use of HbbTV logo required no mandatory compliance test.

Most importantly, HbbTV official test cases are free to HbbTV consortium members, which membership fee costs 7000 EUR per year. No organization/company is allowed to sell official test cases.

StreamSpark HbbTV test sutie offered two test packages:
1. HbbTV field test streams
2. HbbTV intake test suite

Test Cases (excerpt)

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